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  1. Hey there Long!
    I am super excited to see what you do with this storybook. I think that dragons are very fascinating creatures and oftentimes people forget the power they wield. Having a specific region where your dragons are going to be centered is a good idea for helping to narrow down your tale. I am hoping that the nations are united and peace restored, but who knows who may find the dragons and if their intent is that of good or evil. It could be addition if you have your protagonist fighting against some antagonist who wishes ill will on the nations. Almost like a race against the clock to find them. Your header is very powerful and displays the strength you described the dragons to possess very well. One thing you may want to think about is your format of your introduction. I believe it may be because of your image but I think that the space between your last two paragraphs interrupts the established flow you had. I am excited to see where you and your dragons take this storybook and I hope that peace is restored!

  2. Hi Long!
    This story book is off to a great start with a really interesting topic! I like that you picked something that you're clearly passionate about, and that's really coming through. I was amazed at the amount of detail that you were able to get into your introduction that tells us the history of dragons. I myself know very little about them, so it provided a really helpful context for your story. I am left wondering a little bit about the details of the dragons, though. For example, I'm not quite sure what it means that their powers connect with a human and are tied to that human until he/she/they dies. It could just be that I'm not connecting the dots here, but a little bit more clarity might be helpful. But, that being said, I do really love your introduction. I'm immediately pulled into the story and am excited to learn what the outcome for the three nations is!

  3. Hi Long!
    This storybook sounds so interesting! I’ve always loved all things mythical and fantasy-based so dragons are so cool to me! I’ve only ever seen dragons posed the same way in stories, just as big powerful creatures that most people try to stay away from, so I love the way these dragons are different and bond with their possessor and give them power. That’s something I’ve never seen so I love the creativity! And I can totally see a huge fight breaking out over people trying to find these dragons for their power so I know your next stories will be very interesting! The only thing I was confused about was the part about the creator. So it says that the creator divided himself into three different beings, so three different dragons, but in the last paragraph the creator is speaking to the infant dragons as if they’re separate from him and he’s not one of them himself. So is the creator separate from the little dragons? Like him and then three dragons, or is he one dragon and then there’s the other two? Either way great job!

  4. Hey, Long!

    I love the way you incorporated such a beautiful image onto your site to welcome readers and introduce your theme of dragons! I find it similar to mine (and, no, I am not just complimenting yours just because it is!) I feel like we both have a similar theme with colors and overlay, and I really related to your site and project simply based on that. I thoroughly enjoyed your introduction, as it felt like I already had a good understanding of your project just based on how you described the background of what you are thinking about. I have always been interested in the theme of dragons, and I feel like by just visiting your site I have become that much more interested! I am inspired by your type of writing and may incorporate your type of a style in my own writing just because it is already so similar. I cannot wait to read any upcoming works you are going to be publishing! Well done.

  5. Hi Long, your storybook is attention grabbing right away and everything you have written is interesting. There are so many details and lore that it is incredible. I really enjoyed going through your storybook and I liked the setup in the introduction. There was one part that had a duplicate of words in the intro so maybe just read back through there but I really liked all of the background information on the dragons and countries. The only other thing I noticed that you might change is the way the words wrap around the images that you have chosen. Some of the paragraphs are to the side of it but then there is a lot of white space before the next paragraphs start. Not a big deal by any means but it might change the appearance and make it easier for the story to keep flowing if they all wrap around the image. The images are also a great part of your storybook, I really like all of the dragon images you found and that they are consistent in looks.

  6. Hey Long, I want to say right away that I definitely plan on keeping up with your storybook! I love all types of mythical creatures, but dragons have always been fascinating to me. I'm also interested in seeing how dragons are interpreted in East Asian mythology versus that of Western. That said, general things I saw throughout reading was just simple typos and phrasing of sentences that could be changed to flow better. Other then that, your introduction and first story were pretty solid! I do have a question though, and maybe it can be taken as a suggestion, but dragon symbolism was prominent in the royal families seen in China, Japan and Korea; so I was wondering, if the humans you mention in your introduction that they seek out for help are these royal families? I don't know if that makes sense, but I was just curious if some of these humans that were going to help them with their goal were individuals from a royal family because of the dragon symbolism! Anyway, good work and I can't wait to read your next story!

  7. Hey Long! Your website looks fantastic! I love the color scheme you used. The white really draws attention towards the content and does not distract the reader. The image you used is very demanding! It definitely got me excited to read about dragons. I like how in your introduction you give background information about dragon folklore. The second paragraph in your introduction gave me a great briefing into what I might expect moving into your story. As for 'The Korean Dragon' story, it looks really good. The only formatting advice I would give is to fix how your picture fits into the story. There is a large gap in the middle and fixing the formatting might help diminish that so the story flows easier. Other than that, I really enjoyed reading your story. Li Lung has such an interesting background and purpose. The ending left me curious to what evil he will face in the future. Great job!

  8. Hey Long,
    I love that you are doing dragons too and I love that you are also looking at dragons from asian myths I really enjoyed reading your story about Li Lung and the journey that he went on. I think that it was written so well and it really was a joy to read. I love all the dragon imagery that is all over your website. I think that is honestly one of the coolest things about working and writing about dragons is they invoke such a powerful image not only when you see a picture but also in ones imagination. You use great images and do a great job with the distinction between eastern and western dragons. I like the way that your story ended up and that we will probably introduced to what looks like two more dragons based off of the picture on your introduction and I think that it does a great job of making me and other readers very excited to see where you plan to take this story.

  9. Hi Long,
    I love your introduction and the first story. Having the idea of writing stories about dragons and include them with asian mythology shows that you like some good fictions. I am sci-fi lover, and stories like dragons and them throwing fire are my favorites. I like the color theme that you chose for your story book. It blends very well with the dragon theme. I also liked Li Lung journey and the ending got me curious, i wonder what's going to happen in the future. I can see people fighting over this dragon already. Dragons are very powerful and i think you could write more on how their power connects with a human. I think maybe it would be better if you fit also well the pictures, by putting it in a corner leaves so much white space unused. Overall great story and hope to read the next story.


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